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A learning process that produces long-lasting results
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A big part of your job as Learning & Development is helping your team members develop their skills. We’re pretty sure you have already been asked to design a learning process that produces long-lasting results, however this can be a daunting task.

Crossknowledge have carried out an investigation into learning practices among adults to understand how to create an effective and engaging learning method. Through their work, the researchers identified seven building blocks for success, which they used to create the HILL model, or High-Impact Learning that Lasts.

The seven principles outlined in this guide include:

  • Create a sense of urgency - to make learners realise that they need to work on their knowledge and skills during a training course, you need to trigger a sense of urgency

  • Put action and sharing plans into practice - we learn best by doing and sharing our experiences with other people

  • Make the most of hybrid learning - switching tools, methods, scenarios and speakers takes training to the next level

  • Provide learner agency - it's important that learners are in charge of their own learning, make their own choices and manage their own learning pathways

  • Promote collaboration and coaching - working collaboratively in small groups or teams enhances learning, and coaching from managers, tutors, or mentors can increase performance

  • Add flexibility to your training - combine formal training and informal training

  • Use assessment as learning - provide feedback throughout each course and take every opportunity to reflect and commit learning to memory

We all want to create programs that have a long-lasting impact on learners, managers, and corporations. This guide uncovers the key to creating effective training programs with practical steps to building high-impact learning that lasts. Download it by filling out the form below.

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