Wellbeing | 5 self-care tips for remote working

5 self-care tips for remote working

Everyone dreams of simply rolling out of bed and starting their working day on the sofa in their PJs with a cup of tea and although it may seem too good to be true, the culture of remote working is becoming a reality for more workers every day.

But is it all it’s cracked up to be? The truth of remote working is that for some, it can sap productivity and render you directionless and, ultimately, craving human contact in the workday.

Whilst it is indeed still a logical and viable alternative to an office-based 9-to-5 arrangement, to truly excel when working from home, there are a few key self-care essentials that you must follow to remain a healthy, happy worker.

Set key boundaries

In reality, starting off the work day in your PJs is no way to mentally prepare yourself for productivity. To feel ready for work, you must set boundaries between your personal life and your work life. Get up and dressed for work, set aside space specifically for work and don’t attempt to juggle housekeeping or washing with your professional tasks.

Don’t become a couch potato

For many, the exercise they get in on the way into work, whether it be a cycle ride, a walk or even simply climbing five sets of stairs to get to the office, is a valuable source of daily exercise. You may not immediately feel the difference but forgoing that daily stretch and workout can have a big impact on your health. Instead, why not spend your past commute time going for a walk before work?

Make time for lunch

When working from home, it can become the norm to just power through with work in your allocated lunchtime. Whilst feeling productive from home is a positive, taking time to eat lunch, take a break and unwind is essential for all workers. This is your time to take your mind off of work and can ultimately prevent a lot of accumulated stress and anxiety.

Create a routine

Applying structure to your workday can help productivity, help you stay on task and can ensure that you’re allocating ample time to each task. Whilst it can be easy to slip out of such routines at home, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve just as much – if not more without general office chatter – when working remotely. Stick to your daily plan and you’ll continue to deliver a high output.

Make ‘out of bounds’ zones

Whilst it can be extremely tempting to catch up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones on your lunch break, one episode can easily turn into five, and suddenly the workday is done, and you’ve achieved nothing. Can you really trust yourself not to plonk yourself down on the sofa and exercise restraint? To take this temptation off the table, make the living room an ‘out of bounds’ zone in the workday. 

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