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7 important things to do before you hit SEND!

Quick Guide to… Making the most of Email Marketing

Email is an essential part of any well-constructed B2B marketing programme, great for product launches, event invitations and major announcements. This guide covers some of the key considerations when putting together an email campaign.

1. Think about your recipients:

This may sound obvious but the first thing you should do with any email programme is think about your recipients. Remember:

  • Volume isn’t everything, a large list is only good if the information it contains is of the best quality.

  • Accurate recipient data is needed to limit bounces and unsubscribes.

Golden Rule: Having an accurate and appropriate list will give your email campaign the best chance of success.

2. Take some time on your subject line:

Your subject line is simultaneously the easiest & most difficult decision you have to make. The subject line has the task of explaining and summarising your message in just a short selection of words. Remember:

  • Keep a list of words which trigger spam filters handy and check subject lines.

  • Keep subject lines to a length of 6-8 words.

  • Keep them punchy and relevant to your content.

  • Think of your recpients, in what voice would they expect you to communicate with them.

  • Ultimately, getting the subject line right means more people will open your email.

3. Have a ‘Call to Action’:

You've done the hard part of narrowing down your recipient list and enticed them in to read more through your subject line. Now, it is your time to consider what you want your users to get from the email by creating a clear 'call to action'. This could be as simple as linking back to your website or a resource download. Remember:

  • A call to action needs a sense of urgency.

  • Make sure there is one main call to action in your email.

  • The CTA needs to relate to the content of the email - a different or unclear subject matter will cause confusion.

Golden Rule: A call to action needs to stand out and catch the eye. The right call to action will get the best number of clicks and generate more traffic for you.

4. Make the most of imagery:

The right image can make a big difference to how your email performs, use imagery to catch the eye and illustrate products. Remember:

  • Include an Alt Text description, so a description will be visible even if images are blocked.

  • Use appropriate image formats, such as .png and .jpeg to ensure the best onscreen image quality.

  • Keep file sizes as low as possible (without impacting quality) to decrease loading times.

5. Be mobile compatible:

In B2B marketing, with the emergence and adaption of smart phones and employees becoming progressively remote, mobile devices are increasingly being used to view emails. Remember:

  • Make sure imagery and any visual elements are still legible on a mobile without loss of quality.

  • Text heavy emails will become a lot longer when viewed on a narrow mobile screen, keep your text short and to the point.

  • Ensure that any site you link to is also mobile compatible for the best user experience.

Golden Rule: Creating emails that work for mobile will give your campaign the greatest chance to be viewed as intended by the majority of recipients.

6. Make use of A/B testing:

There are a lot of variables that can impact an emails performance, so it is essential to test message content and structure. Remember:

  • Try variations of subject line to get the best open rates.

  • Test sending at different times and on different days to get the best click through rate.

  • Use a regular programme of A/B testing to ensure you are always finding opportunities to improve your emails.

7. Monitoring performance:

It is important to monitor the performance of your email marketing so you can make improvements and see the return on investment for each campaign. Remember:

  • Keep an eye on open rates, the number of emails sent vs. how many were read.

  • Record the number of links clicked, to see how if your emails are engaging.

This will give you the best all-round view of how your emails are performing and let you spot opportunities to improve.

This quick guide has been put together by the team at Executive Grapevine. Just one of the ways we can help connect you with HR, Business Leaders, and Recruitment Professionals.

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