Advice | Top tips for writing a standout CV

    Top tips for writing a standout CV

    When creating a CV, it is important to give off the right impression to recruiters and hiring managers. This will help move your CV to the top of the pile and give it prime position.

    With that in mind, Recruitment Grapevine has collated these top seven tips to creating a smashing CV:

    Keep it real

    A CV should be short and sweet – and that means no more than two pages of A4. Make sure it is punchy, to the point and leaves out the irrelevant information.

    Tailor it to suit the job

    Most candidates want to create a generic CV that they re-use more than once. However, taking the time to tailor your CV to each role that you are applying for and incorporating keywords from the original job advert is a good way of attracting recruiters.

    Presentation is key

    Keep the design concise, clear and print it on crisp white paper. If you are printing it off to send, use an A4 envelope to post the CV to avoid it getting crumpled or tattered.

    Make sure all of the details are up-to-date

    Check a couple of times before you send anything off. There is nothing worse than sending a CV across with incorrect employment dates and details.

    Use a confident voice and positive language

    The voice adopted in your CV can tell recruiters a lot about you as a person. So, keep it positive and confident to ensure that you appeal to them as an ideal hire.

    Include lots of (relevant) information

    Tell recruiters and hiring managers about your education, prizes or certificates that you have been awarded that could strengthen your application. Recent experiences and hobbies are also factors that could greatly set you apart from other candidates.

    Searchable terms for online applications

    Appeal to online audiences by using relevant keywords in your CV that will be flagged up by computer systems.

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