Discrimination | Recruiter blasted for 'intolerable' racist job ad

    Recruiter blasted for 'intolerable' racist job ad

    A North Sea recruiter has been criticised for a recent job advert it posted, which stated that they wanted to ‘avoid’ Polish contractors ‘as much as possible’.

    Ryan Ship Management has been condemned for its behaviour, which has been branded ‘unlawful by the Scottish and UK Governments.

    Since the job post, an offshore union has revealed it is already pursuing the matter, while a spokesperson for the Scottish Government claimed the move was ‘unacceptable and should not be tolerated’, reported Energy Voice.

    Jake Molloy, RMT Union’s Offshore Regional Organiser, described the situation as ‘shocking on so many levels’ and has demanded that all North Sea oil companies outlaw these type of recruitment practices.

    Since the uproar, Robin Tawari Company Director of Ryan Ship Management, issued an apology on LinkedIn, revealing that the words used in the job description were ‘a huge mistake’.

    Molloy revealed that there were increasing concerns over a culture of prejudice offshore, with companies seeking to hire employees on cheap North Sea pay rates.

    He said: “The blatant racist inference about avoiding Polish workers is appalling.

    “This kind of recruitment should once and for all be outlawed by the oil companies operating in the sector."

    “As if the racist and discriminatory aspects weren’t bad enough, the work cycle and pay rates also serve to illustrate everything that is wrong with the industry right now.”

    This type of advertisement for a job is a direct form of discrimination towards candidates that may be Polish – and as such recruiters should avoid all types of job descriptions like these to ensure no potential employee is offended.

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