Misconduct | Verdict announced for man who smashed rec agency window

    Verdict announced for man who smashed rec agency window

    A man who chucked a stone at a recruitment agency in a pay row last year has been bound over to keep the peace for a year - Armaghi reports.

    Digeo Balde, who is based in Portadown, Northern Ireland, pleaded guilty to previous criminal damage at the FRC Recruitment premises at Craigavon Magistrates’ Court on Friday. If a court binds someone over, it warns them that they will be punished if they were to break the law again, Macmillan Dictionary explains.

    Appearing in court, Balde’s defence barrister, Conor Lunny, said: “He has stayed out of trouble and has brought the appropriate sum of money to court to make restitution.”

    He added: “Mr Balde no longer has any relationship with this recruitment agency and intends to move to England.

    “I feel that this is best for all parties involved.”

    District Judge Peter King stated: “I am going to bind you over to keep the peace for 12 months. You are to have no contact with FRC recruitment.”

    Additionally, it was reported that Balde was ordered to pay compensation of £155 and informed that there would be a £500 fine if he were to break the terms of the peace.

    How did the events unfold last year?

    The publication explained that police were called to FRC Recruitment on November 2 2018 after reports that Balde had broken the window with a stone.

    According to staff at FRC Recruitment, Balde made allegations of unpaid wages before smashing the firms window.

    When he appeared in court last December, Balde’s defence solicitor told the court that the situation was caused after the defendant claimed that he had not been paid holiday pay.

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    The court heard that he was also frustrated that his personal workload was drying up – Recruitment Grapevine reported.

    Over the years, Recruitment Grapevine has found numerous examples of irked candidates and workers, who are employed through agencies, venting work-related frustrations at the agency itself.

    Read on to find out more.

    Sledgehammer attack

    Australian jobseeker Anthony Wessing went on a sledgehammer rampage in an agency yelling “I want a f***ing job” at the company’s staff.

    Recruitment Grapevine reported that he took out his anger on a desk and a computer before being calmed down by staff.

    When being sentenced, the judge noted longstanding mental health issues and unemployment frustrations.

    Physical threats

    Early last year, Jamie Davis told staff at Acorn Recruitment that he would cut off their limbs and burn down their family homes if money was deducted from his pay.

    Swansea Magistrates’ Court heard that Davies had been employed to do work for Tata Steel through the recruitment agency but had been overpaid in error.

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    The agency thought they had come to an agreement with him for the overpayment to be recouped from his next pay packet - but after receiving his next pay slip, he had called the office and become abusive.

    He narrowly avoided prison when being sentenced for his crimes.

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