Candidate experience | 5 crucial questions candidates should ask recruiters in an interview

5 crucial questions candidates should ask recruiters in an interview

In an interview, it is a recruiter’s job to ask innovative questions that put candidates on the spot and allow them to find out about the candidate's skills, work experience and personality.

But, at the end of a job interview, the roles reverse, and it is the candidate’s chance to impress their interviewer by asking some good questions with regards to the company and their job profile. However, it is crucial that they steer away from asking questions just for the sake of it as recruiters will see right through this.

With that in mind, here are five questions that will impress an interviewer according to

  • Do my qualifications meet your expectations and what you were looking for?

This question puts the interviewer on the spot but will project the candidate’s honesty. The candidate will (hopefully) get honest feedback and get feedback on any concerns that the interviewer may have regarding their application.

  • What am I expected to accomplish in the first two or three months?

This shows an eagerness before the candidate has even got the job. Additionally, candidates can find out more specific details of the role’s expectations so that nothing will be a surprise.

  • How will the company train me?

Candidates will be able to find out more about their prospective employer. The question also indicates that the candidate has a long-serving desire to work for this company and a keenness to learn and develop their skillsets.

  • What makes you confident that you are hiring the right person?

Candidates will get an insight into the interviewer’s goals, objectives and expectations to help identify whether these are exciting or not. They can then respond by explaining how they can help the company achieve that.

  • Can I have a tour of the company and see my work station?

The publication suggests that this question should come at the end of the interview. This is a good opportunity for candidates to get a first-hand feel of the company environment and also breaks the ice before the candidate leaves.

Which questions do you like candidates to ask? Let us know in the comments below…

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