Dream job | 'I tattooed my own face so I couldn't get a normal job'

    'I tattooed my own face so I couldn't get a normal job'

    Jobseekers are often encouraged to stand out from the crowds.

    Whether this involves leveraging your network to jump to the head of the hiring line, customising your CV and cover letter to mirror each individual employment opportunity, or dressing in a way that fully expresses your personality (Anna Wintour-esque), there are many ways that jobseekers can stand out from the crowds.

    However, one candidate has quite literally done everything that she could to make it as a tattoo artist.

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    Kayleigh Peach, 26, from Birmingham, told the BBC that she was so determined to become a successful tattoo artist that she got the word “cursed” inked over her eye on her first day as an apprentice at a tattoo parlour.

    Peach, whose body is now 60% inked, felt that her tattooed face would deter corporate employers from hiring her and improve her chances of pursuing her tattooing career ambitions.

    “I got my first face tattoo on my first day as an apprentice tattoo artist when I was 24. Basically, I got it so that I couldn't get a normal job so I would have to persevere with what I was doing."

    I got "cursed" above my eyebrow. I used to be quite critical of myself and see the glass half empty. I used to think things happened to me for a reason and I would punish myself for things mentally.

    Then I got a rose on one side of my face, which is to do with romance and beauty, then leaves on the other side, which symbolises new beginnings for me in my life.”

    However, it seems that this isn’t the only instance that candidates have adopted strange jobseeking tactics - and secured a job. The Daily Mail collated a list of the most bizarre ways that jobseekers have secured a job.

    Read on to find out more.

    Turning up to the wrong interview

    You may think that turning up to the right interview is key for securing a job, but this clearly wasn’t the case here. One jobseeker turned up to the wrong job interview – but got hired anyway.

    Wrong number

    One jobseeker secured his first job because of a wrong number. He recalls a local pizza company calling his phone and yelling at him for ten minutes for not turning up for an interview. Once he corrected the employers mistake, that he had never even applied for the job, the manager responded: “Well, I am so sorry, you want a job?”

    Drunken antics

    You think you have heard it all? think again. This jobseeker turned up drunk to an interview to steady his nerves. With well over 100 people applying for the job, he certainly stood out from the crowds. Luckily, the hiring manager saw the funny side and hired him anyway.

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