Branding | 70% of jobseekers don't apply without employer branding research

70% of jobseekers don't apply without employer branding research

When looking for a new job, you may anticipate that candidates will first narrow down their options by salary, followed by benefits or location of the job. However, research from job site Indeed suggests that there is something far more important to applications – and that’s reputation.

Seven in ten (70%) candidates would not apply for a role without researching the company first – with more than half (57%) reporting that they automatically distrust a company with no internet presence.

The research suggests that employer reputation is a key factor considered by jobseekers when deciding which companies to apply to, and the more information and insight that jobseekers can access online about companies, the more likely they are to apply for a role.

There was found to be a correlation between access to information and trust in an organisation, with trust increasing according to the information that is available. If there was no information to be found about a firm, just under half (49%) would automatically distrust them.

Bill Richards, Managing Director at global job site Indeed, said prospective applicants are increasingly expecting a higher level of transparency.

“We live in an age of radical transparency,” he said. “While reputation has always been important for any employer, in the digital age it is increasingly vital for companies to be transparent as they bid to attract the best talent in a competitive landscape.

“Reputation and trust have always gone hand in hand in business, and prospective employees are as discerning and thorough in their approach to a new company as customers would be.

"Expectations surrounding transparency have become so ingrained that an absence of online information is a major red flag for the majority of jobseekers.”

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