Interviewing | Do candidates better value high pay or a good recruiter?

Do candidates better value high pay or a good recruiter?

When it comes to searching for a job, a friendly experience with a recruitment agency can mean far more to a candidate than scoring a job offering a high salary – research from VHR suggests.

The technical recruitment company conducted a poll of 500 potential jobseekers and found that for 88% of respondents, money wasn’t the most pressing issue when it came to finding a new job. The most important factor was found to be communication with their recruitment consultant - with candidates valuing help with interview preparation and reassurance regarding their place in the recruitment process.

Almost a quarter (24%) of candidates said that having a good relationship with their recruitment agency was most important to them, as they could be using the agency’s services for years to come if they have a positive experience.

VHR suggest that close relationships allow recruiters to know more about their candidates, what their skills are, and how they’d like their career to progress. Over time this can lead to more satisfied candidates, and a higher success rate for recruiters.

To help build a genuine connection with jobseekers, some firms are taking innovative approaches. Apprenticeship Careers Australia (ACA), for example, have trialed a ‘Meet ‘n’ Eat’ speed interviewing session at a café in 2018. The recruiters, who were aiming to connect with younger applicants, hosted an engaging ‘hassle-free’ environment and to attract young talent to new careers.

ACA General Manager, Luke Radford, says that revamping their recruitment strategy - by hosting the event in leisurely location familiar to the youngsters - will improve candidate attraction.

“Our on-the-spot interviews allow them to apply for an exciting apprenticeship or traineeship in a more comfortable and accessible context that takes away the pressure and nerves that can sometimes come with the traditional interview process,” he says.

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