Brexit | What does the historic Brexit defeat mean for recruitment?

What does the historic Brexit defeat mean for recruitment?

Theresa May’s Brexit deal was overwhelmingly shot down by MPs yesterday, with both Remainers and Leavers rejecting the bill.

While this was a widely predicted outcome, recruiters across the country are facing the reality of a prolonged lack of clarity about the future of the UK.

Now, the Prime Minister faces a Vote of No Confidence tabled by Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, further adding to the confusion. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the BBC that they were expected to lose the vote. "But who can tell anymore, because after yesterday's vote anything can happen in Parliament," he said.

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Confirming the DUP – the Government’s supply and demand partner - would back the Government in the vote, Sammy Wilson said his party "never wanted a change of government, we wanted a change of policy".

There are a number of crucial strategies for recruitment firms to consider to maintain stability during this difficult period. Recruitment Grapevine has compiled advice from business leaders and experts to help navigate the uncharted waters of the negotiation failures.

Build the pipelines your clients will need

There is still no certainty on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, so it is possible the UK will face a skills shortage in the near future. Sit down with your clients and discuss with them the key skills they expect to be recruiting for in the next few years to give yourself a head start in building a pool of talent that might be just right.

“You should be identifying candidates who have potential to further develop their career within the right environment and harnessing relationships at the very earliest stage,” said Jonathan Abelson, co-Founder and Director at MERJE.

“Continual conversations with candidates, even when they are not seeking opportunities, whilst being aware of medium- and long-term growth plans of our clients puts you in a strong position for the future.”

Ask clients what they can offer

When attraction becomes more difficult, it is up to your clients to adjust their package accordingly. Daniel Corner, co-Founder of online recruitment agency, said there’s no shame in asking a client if they could change the benefits package or increase salaries in times of candidate shortages.

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“I think it’s our responsibility as a recruitment business to make clients aware that when they are recruiting for the best possible talent - they are always going to be competing,” he said. “The vast majority of clients will be receptive to suggestions as to how they be deemed more attractive to candidates.” Check what competitors are offering – if it’s higher, you have more leverage.

Protect your own business

If you are a leader or manager, now is the right time to take stock of the skills of your team and begin to plan where you want to be in the next few years. Will it be easy to recruit for the new skills you’ll need? If not, it could be time to step up your training and development programmes,or start to curate a pipeline of talent for your own firm.

The CIPD’s guide Preparing for Brexit through workforce planning suggests ensuring your organisation has the necessary skills and labour to continue delivering on business objectives, against both expected and unexpected changes, will be critical.

The authors use the example of a hotel chain that has a clear ‘build, not buy’ philosophy. “It aims to recruit people who will stay with the business, who will grow and develop,” they write. “The challenge is then to get to select the right people and give them the right development. Immigration controls might reduce the labour pool in some hiring locations, but the company is investing in apprentices.”

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