Performance | One in four workers 'not performing their best' at work

One in four workers 'not performing their best' at work

Over a quarter of UK workers have admitted they are not performing their best at work, with the majority reporting that they need new skills in order to do their job effectively, according to research from Deloitte.

Twenty-seven per cent of UK workers said that they are either not performing their best, or not giving 100%, which has risen to 34% of those aged between 25 to 34. This is compared to a European average of just one in five workers (21%) who say they are not performing at their best.

The researchers found that many UK employees lack enthusiasm for their roles. A third (32%) say they are not stimulated by what they do, and 36% say what they do is not meaningful. In comparison, on average, just one in four European workers (24%) say they are not stimulated by what they do, and fewer than one in five (18%) believe what they do is not meaningful.

When asked which skills they need to develop to remain employable, advanced IT was cited as the key skill, with 61% of workers selecting this, followed by technical knowledge (57%) as a desired trait. Further down the list, just 35% said that problem solving skills were necessary and 31% said they would need teamwork.

Anne-Marie Malley, UK Human Capital Leader at Deloitte, says that for the UK to remain a globally competitive economy, more must be done to address productivity in workplaces and the ever-widening skills gap.

“Businesses are facing an uphill struggle to address these factors which is leading to dissatisfaction, disengagement and despondency among employees,” she explains. “Employers must offer more support to strengthen their worker’s skills and communicate the value their roles are bringing to their company, the economy and ultimately society as a whole.”

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