Walmart urges workers to use their phones on shift

Walmart urges workers to use their phones on shift

Walmart has announced plans to permit shop floor employees to use their mobile phones whilst on shift – Business Insider reports.

The proposal will allow employees to use their phones to clock in, check inventory and prices, scan supermarket products and perform other work-related admin tasks.

And, there is an additional bonus for employees taking heed of the programme which has been dubbed “bring your own device” (BYOD). Onboarding the programme will get employees a discount on their phone bills, the company has claimed.

While this programme may entice many employees, Walmart have disclosed that this is an opt-in programme and is not compulsory among the workforce.

The programme was launched after Walmart heard that some employees would prefer to use their personal phones as opposed to store devices to complete tasks whilst on shift.

Brock McKeel, Walmart’s Senior Director of Digital Operations told Business Insider: “With BYOD, the moment associates clock in at work, they have tools that enable them to do the best job possible, right in their pockets."

In order to take part in the BYOD programme, employees need to download a collection of Walmart apps to their phones for it to work. This will enable employees to access historical sales data, product delivery schedules – information which was previously restricted to senior management levels.

Earlier this year, Steve Wang, a HR professional told Forbes that allowing the use of mobile phones at work was important for keeping up with 21st Century conventions. He said:

“Employees actually need their phones in order to work effectively. Disallowing employees from using them at work is an outdated company policy that can only bring more harm than good.”

Whilst Walmart’s new programme may seem like a good idea at face value, will encouraging staff to go on their personal phones during work time have a reverse effect on productivity?

Let us know your thoughts below…

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