FIRED! Women struggle to recoup previous levels of pay after the sack

FIRED! Women struggle to recoup previous levels of pay after the sack

Women have a harder time than men returning to previous levels of pay if they have been fired.

According to a new study, published by Insurance Quotes, women report that on average they lose 24% of their salary when gaining a new position after previously being fired.

However, men say that their subsequent salary was just over one per cent higher in their next job.

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Men were also more likely to attempt to keep their job than women after they were let go.

A quarter (24%) of men, compared to 22% of women, fought to keep their job after getting the sack.

The survey found that budget cuts were the most frequent reason people got fired. Women were more likely to get fired for poor attendance.

Gender Pay Gap

Whilst there has been little research into how the differences in how women and men are fired, and the impact it has on their careers on finances, the gender pay gap has received much scrutiny.

Since 4 April, all charities and private companies with 250 or more employees have been required to publish their gender pay calculations. For public sector bodies, the deadline was 30 March.

This reporting found that more than three-quarters of UK companies pay their male staff more than female staff. In nine out of 17 sectors in the economy, men earn ten per cent more on average than women.

The data, which was the most comprehensively ever collected in any country, also found reasons behind the gender pay gap. The main explanation for the gender pay gap was that men are more likely to have senior positions than women.

The gender pay gap stands at 18.4 per cent for full-time and part-time workers, according to the UK’s Office for National Statistics.

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