Was Trump's candidate the worst job interviewee ever?

Was Trump's candidate the worst job interviewee ever?

In one of the most public recruitment processes ever, Donald Trump’s preferred hire for the US Supreme court came under fire for his job interview performance.

Brett Kavanaugh had to go in front of a committee of Senate members to give evidence against claims that he assaulted a University Professor, Christine Blasey Ford when they were teenagers.

Before a committee of Senate members, the interviewee was combative and emotional – telling those interviewing him that the recruitment and confirmation process was a “national disgrace”.

President Trump came out in support of his pick – asking for the Senate to vote him into the job.

However, many were not so sympathetic.

Cristina Lopez, a Washington-based journalist, added that if a woman cried during a job interview she wouldn’t get the position.

Another said it was the worst interview ever.

A further Twitter user queried if talking about how much they loved beer in a job interview would get them the position.

Other’s railed against the candidate’s behaviour, which they believed revealed his belief that the position was his privilege rather than a chance he had to show his worth for.

A UK-based journalist questioned if the candidate was actually interviewing for the right career.

However, Senator Lindsey Graham, one of those interviewing Kavanaugh, took sympathy with the candidate.

He said that the process “is not a job interview, it is hell.”

The Editorial Director of Vox.com, a US news site, explained how important it is that this job interview process is stringent.

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Laura McGann wrote that “perhaps there are jobs where it doesn’t really matter if a candidate has a dubious past or if he’s a liar. Supreme Court justice is not one of those jobs.”

The now-infamous candidate stands accused of other crimes – including exposing himself to other women, being a bystander whilst a gang rape took place and being friends with those who spiked drinks with drugs and alcohol.

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