Employees want to work for purposeful companies

Employees want to work for purposeful companies

New research has shown the that younger employees are more likely to consider a position at a purposeful company – with some putting purpose ahead of pay.

According to MSD, a UK-based pharmaceutical company, nearly three-quarters of young workers (18-34) would be happier working with a clear purpose.

With additional LinkedIn data, taken from a 2016 study, suggesting that 37% of the professional network’s users characterise themselves as purpose-driven, hiring managers could experience a boost in vacancy interest if they foreground their organisation's purpose.

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Wade Burgess, CEO of Shiftgig, a mobile recruiting platform, explained that recruiters and hiring managers just can’t ignore this candidate demand.

He wrote in ERE: “For recruiters, the purpose movement isn’t to be ignored. More and more people are looking for jobs that provide personal fulfillment."

"At the same time, companies are seeing that purpose-oriented employees become more productive and successful.”

Further findings from the MSD study discovered that four in ten employees aged between 18 and 34 would take a pay cut if they could move to a purpose-driven firm that had a positive impact in the world.

Almost a quarter of over 35s felt the same.

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Lorraine Kelly, HR Director, MSD UK and Ireland added that the results reflect a changing employee and candidate landscape – one that hiring managers need to take notice of.

She added: “These findings show how attitudes to work are changing and how important it is for employees to feel that they and the company they work for make a difference. The success of any company is built upon highly motivated and passionate people.”

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