7 advantages of scaling up your business

    7 advantages of scaling up your business
    7 advantages of scaling up your business

    There’s a big problem with small businesses in the UK. They’re scared of heights...

    Not of the vertical sort, of course, but of the growth that will take their enterprise to the next level. When you have a successful small business, scaling that operation up is not easy, but there are huge benefits.

    But the lack of businesses making that jump has led to the UK Government creating the Scale Up Institute, whose mission is find out why so many businesses are struggling to kick on. It wants to make this country the world’s best in which to scale an enterprise.

    Fortunately, those who partner with The Recruit Venture Group  to launch their own recruitment start-up will have access to all the support the need to push that business forward.

    As well as the barriers to businesses scaling up, the Scale Up Institute has identified some of the key advantages businesses have if they can scale up.

    They are:

    • Scale up businesses are more productive, with high levels of productivity twice as common. Workers typically generate £235,000 in turnover each!

    • Growth becomes a habit with scale ups. They expect to grow in the coming year, with 77% expecting 20% or more turnover growth and 52% expecting 20% or more employee growth

    • Scale ups naturally create more jobs as the business expands

    • Scale ups are more pioneering and innovative in their respective marketplaces. They are twice as likely to have innovated than their peers

    • They are great places to work, with a vibrant dynamic atmosphere that creates high quality jobs with high levels of employee satisfaction

    • Scale-ups typically have greater diversity in the workforce

    • They are good corporate citizens, with 74% offering opportunities for young people through apprenticeships, internships or work experience

    • Scale ups can operate across all sectors, including recruitment

    The benefits to scaling up, as you can see, are vast, and by launching an enterprise with The Recruit Venture Group, they break down the barriers that rivals face in taking that next step.

    Those key blockers include access to growth finance, access to the right business leadership and mentoring, and having processes within the business that are easily scalable.

    Not only does The Recruit Venture Group put up all of the finance for launch, it also is able to fund the natural growth of the business. If the business case for expansion is there, then there will be the money to back it all the way..

    Because The Recruit Venture Group is all about giving talented recruiters the freedom to focus on the core business of recruitment, central to the model is providing all of the back office support needed, including accounts, payrolls, IT, legal, HR and marketing. These processes are all scalable, so when the business grows, so does the support.

    And finally The Recruit Venture Group team has decades of experience in recruitment as well as their own specialist areas like finance, legal and marketing. The team is able to provide mentoring and other support on every step of the journey to scaling up.

    Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group, said:“I want to make clear that if you launch a recruitment start-up with our support, there are no limits to your growth. The Recruit Venture Group model is all about freeing up experienced recruiters to see how far their talents can take them with a range of back office, financial and mentoring resources.

    “It’s proven that scale up enterprises are more innovative, are better places to work, have happier staff and ultimately, are far more profitable. All the businesses we partner are set up for that growth, meaning that not only is launch day exciting, but so are the prospects for accelerated expansion.”

    Partnering with The Recruit Venture Group really is about taking control of your career, while building and shaping a business legacy. There’s no need to be afraid of growth – with The Recruit Venture Group’s support, the scaling up of your business will come as naturally as the job of recruitment itself.

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