Over 1/2 candidates wouldn't apply for a job if the company didn't have this

Over 1/2 candidates wouldn't apply for a job if the company didn't have this

Using the internet to make important decisions is nothing new – it’s likely you use it to plan where you’d like to visit on holiday or check out what other customers say about products you’re thinking about purchasing.

And now, more than ever before, candidates are using the web to check out potential employers before they even submit their CV.

According to research from jobsite Indeed, 70% of jobseekers won’t apply for a role until they’ve researched the employer’s reputation online - while more than half (56%) say they wouldn’t even apply for a role at a company with no online presence.

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This means that it is very important for your clients to be managing their employer brand online – if they are neglecting it, then candidates are more likely to pass over their opportunities.

Bill Richards, UK Managing Director at the global job site, Indeed, explained that jobseekers will want to find out as much as possible about a prospective employer before deciding to submit their CV.

“Word of mouth is great, but for most potential candidates the internet remains their primary source of information.”

“While we’ve all heard stories about companies checking out candidates’ social media profiles as a way to assess their suitability for a job, this process now goes both ways,” he said.

The researchers found that a strong brand name remains a vital asset for a company seeking to recruit. Just one in ten jobseekers (11%) classes a recognisable name as unimportant when deciding whether to apply for a role.

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And, if the information they find out about the company is bad, almost all candidates will decide against applying. Just a quarter (23%) reported that they would be willing to overlook a negative online reputation when searching for a new role.

“Employers need to win the trust of potential recruits, and transparency is one of the most effective ways to achieve this,” Richards added. “Our research suggests the smartest companies are embracing the connective power of the internet to ensure they attract the best possible candidates, and that they inform them as well as possible.”

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