10 recruitment buzzwords that you should avoid, according to LinkedIn

10 recruitment buzzwords that you should avoid, according to LinkedIn

Humans have limitless qualities – so why, when penning a CV or pitching an employer, do the same words constantly appear regardless of the individual?

Today, LinkedIn revealed the most overused buzzwords on their network – and some of them probably ring a bell.

“Specialised” is first on the list, featuring on half a million UK profiles. Surprisingly, “motivated”, the stalwart of many an uninspiring CV, did not feature in the top ten.  

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Jon Addison, LinkedIn UK’s Head of Talent Solutions, comments: “Recruiters are the front line when it comes to a company’s ability to attract the best talent. More than half of candidates wouldn’t consider working for a company whose values they didn’t know or agree with, so a recruiter’s profile should clearly communicate the unique aspects of their organisation’s culture and purpose. That’s why we’re encouraging recruiters to check their LinkedIn profiles for these buzzwords and make sure they stand out from the crowd in 2017.”


The top ten can be found on the next page. 


Image courtesy of Flickr user Payayita. 

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Comments (1)

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog
    Wed, 25 Jan 2017 10:50am GMT
    I find that job adverts become full of cliche's, are unoriginal and impersonal (in the context of the company & the actual role). So in that sense I completely agree with you Jake, adverts need to demonstrate more insight to the culture and purpose. In fact 95% of jobs advertised on linkedin seem templated , boring & generic. As a HRD i have overseen the recruitment for many different department's across the business. People recruiting for sales position's continue to confound me, please avoid the words tenacious, target driven, go-getter, confident etc... This is like recruiting for an Actor in a film and specifying they need to be able to learn lines and act them out!!!!!!

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