Tech Crunch: Tara - the AI used to end the 'Bro' culture in hiring

Tech Crunch: Tara - the AI used to end the 'Bro' culture in hiring

Whilst many industries are already making strides in terms of gender equality and unbiased recruitment – it would seem that certain sectors need a bit more help.

The booming technology industry present in Silicon Valley is unfortunately more prone to hiring male candidates than female. The BBC reports that this is in part down to the “Brogrammer” culture – whereby successful tech employees hire old college friends of fraternity brothers as new candidates.

Speaking to the BBC, Iba Masood, the CEO and Founder of artificial intelligence company, believes he may have found a fair solution.

"If there's a group of a hundred candidates and they're from multiple different backgrounds, different races, different genders, we noticed across the board there was a certain type of programmer that would still move forward in interviews.”

Enter Tara – an adapted robot which analyses rankings and abilities of the candidates, removing characteristics such as gender, age or race. This allows recruiters to make an unaffected and fair hiring decision.

"We're very passionate about creating a meritocracy,” explained Masood. According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor, in America just 25% of computing jobs are held by women – and over 90% of those women are white. Tara aims to go some way in bridging the gap, making a fairer and more inclusive technology sector globally. 

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