Katie Price attends Christmas party drunk - gets flooded with requests

Katie Price attends Christmas party drunk - gets flooded with requests

The Christmas party is often a fun end-of-the-year treat that employees look forward to, with it known to relieve stress, boost morale and encourage employees to interact.

In fact, one in three Britons expect their employers to organise a Christmas party, according to research from DBI Furniture Solutions, with managers failing to do so being labelled as a Scrooge.

To reward their staff, one company put the brandy on the figgy pudding by inviting a celebrity guest to host their evening – but the night quickly took a downwards turn when their guest turned up drunk.

Katie Price was a special guest at EnergySave’s Christmas party held at Derby County's Pride Park Stadium on Monday, and since footage of her appearance was released, she has been inundated with requests to entertain at other office bashes.

Embarrassing footage of Price’s performance at the party emerged on Tuesday, where she was slurring and swearing during her speech, but it seems to have worked in her favour as many fans have been sending her requests for personal appearances.

The 38-year-old former glamour model, also known as ‘Jordan’ was highly intoxicated and behaved brazenly, with guests describing her antics as shocking as she stripped in the toilets and even propositioned and laid into guests – The Sun reports.

Price has come under criticism since the media was shared, and now, EnergySave’s Chief Jason Rowan is regretting the decision of inviting Price. The mother-of-five was paid £13,000 to attend, and now Rowan is demanding his fee back after her “outrageous” antics turned his Christmas bash into a “circus.”

He fumed: “She was drunk when she arrived and as the evening went on she just got worse and worse. She was a total nightmare.”

Would you ever have a celebrity guest at your Christmas bash? Who would you choose?

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