4 Ways to Attract Talent With a Limited Recruitment Budget

4 Ways to Attract Talent With a Limited Recruitment Budget

The recruitment landscape has shifted significantly over the past few years; with employment at a record high and niche skill-sets more in demand than ever, HR and recruitment teams are having to work harder to attract the talent they need.

In fact, competition for talent and limited recruitment budgets were found to be the biggest challenges facing HR and recruitment staff in 2017, according to the LinkedIn Global Recruitment Trends Report.

So, how can you attract the talent that your business needs with a small recruitment budget? Try following these four tips.

1. Write the best job adverts you possibly can

Your job advert is your main tool to catch the attention of jobseekers and make them want to work for your company. When searching for a new role, jobseekers will view dozens of adverts every day; as such, you need to make your advert as appealing as possible to ensure that it stands out.

Don’t worry if you’re not a creative guru; there are plenty of resources out there to help you write a great advert (check out some of Webrecruit’s most popular blogs, including How Do You Make Your Job Advert Stand Out From the Crowd? and What Makes the Perfect Job Advert?)

Taking the time to create an effective job advert is important as it increases your chance of attracting suitable candidates the first time round, rather than having to pay to re-advertise your vacancy.

2. Utilise social networks

Work alongside your marketing team to promote your vacancies on your company’s social media accounts. Not only is this an inexpensive method of advertising your vacancies, it’s also a great way of reaching people who are truly passionate about your brand - and what better people to come and work for you?

Sharing your vacancies on social media also allows you to have conversations and engage with potential applicants. Encourage your existing employees to share and re-tweet your roles to reach their entire network.

3. Take small steps to boost your employer brand

Although building a strong employer brand is widely recognised as an effective recruitment marketing tool, many businesses lack the budget and resources to focus on developing theirs.

However, there are smaller steps that you can take to give your employer brand a boost. For example, why not ask your existing employees to complete company reviews on sites such as Glassdoor? These help to build trust and boost your reputation as an employer. You could also consider including employee testimonials on your careers page and social media accounts.

4. Focus on the advertising sources that are really working for you

If you have a limited recruitment budget, you need to make sure that the job boards you’re using are working for you. Focus on using the advertising sources that deliver you with high quality candidates and focus your efforts and budget on those.

Using an applicant tracking system, such as Webrecruit’s Fusion, is a great way of monitoring the performance of your job boards, and allows you to easily identify any underperforming advertising sources.

Want to learn more about attracting the talent you need? Find out more about Webrecruit’s recruitment advertising solutions.

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