HR professionals predict when gender pay gap will close

HR professionals predict when gender pay gap will close

Men still earn more than women – with the latest UK gender pay gap standing at 13.9% - although Equal Pay Day (which marks the day women effectively stop earning in comparison to men) did fall one day later this year.

The Fawcett Society predicts that, at the current rate of progress, it will take over 60 years to close the gender pay gap, but futurist James Wallman predicts the gap will close by 2045. His justification for this estimate can be found here.  

However, some employees have had enough of waiting. For example, last month thousands of Icelandic women left their workplaces early, at 2.38pm to be exact, and congregated in Austurvollur square in capital city Reykjavik.  

The time was significant – they cut their typical nine-to-five workdays by precisely two hours and 22 minutes; equivalent to around 30%, the average wage gap between men in women in Iceland.

Accordingly, we asked our audience of HR professionals from across the spectrum when they thought equal pay will level out; zero to ten years, 11 to 20 years, 21 to 30 years, or over 30 years.  

Their answers can be seen on the next page... 

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