9 things that will help your recruiting business grow

9 things that will help your recruiting business grow
9 things that will help your recruiting business grow

By Diya Obeid, Founder & CEO, JobDiva

  1. Relaxed, focused recruiters. Are your recruiters frantically searching for candidates? They shouldn’t be. With the right search technology and the right attitude, your recruiters can outperform their competitors without working themselves to exhaustion. Your recruiters should spend most of their time building relationships with candidates and qualifying them for their clients, not searching for them.
  2. A powerful, automated search process. Your company’s in-house search process should automatically find CVs that have the required level for every opening, with minimal effort from your recruiters. Finding candidates should be stress-free.
  3. Integration with VMS processes. The VMS/MSP process is an essential part of today’s recruitment industry. Your organisation’s jobs database should reflect your client needs seamlessly.
  4. A holistic ATS. Speaking of add-ons, plug-ins and integration, your system should not need them in order to function properly. Your process should not be built on heterogeneous patched systems.  Your wardrobe should feature tapestries, but your system shouldn’t.  Speed, cost-effectiveness, and quality can only be achieved in a streamlined, homogeneous solution developed with the big picture and the entire process in mind.
  5. Business Intelligence. Data is key to understanding how your business is performing. You should have easy access to data – such as submittal metrics and ratios – that give a clear picture of KPI’s. All your relevant BI data should be pleasantly framed at your fingertips.
  6. Efficient supplier management. Supplier management is a huge part of any recruitment business, and your recruiters should be communicating with your suppliers as quickly and clearly as possible. Your ATS should streamline supplier management, so your suppliers can rest easy knowing that you’re responsive.
  7. A transparent, seamless onboarding process. You should not be using Excel spreadsheets to onboard new hires. Once new hires are put into your system, your ATS should begin on-boarding automatically. Automation streamlines and clarifies on-boarding, ensuring that each step is documented.
  8. A support team that cares. How many times have you dealt with support teams that refuse to deal with your problem, or even to return your calls and emails? Your ATS, like any software, needs a dedicated, efficient, honest support team that deals with glitches in a timely manner. You should hear action from your support team, not stories.
  9. A revenue-generating ATS. The best ATSs will make you money, rather than just saving you money. Your ATS should be working for you, not the other way around. Finding the best available candidates more quickly than your competitors is a crucial advantage in today’s fast-paced recruitment industry.  A strong ATS can grow your company’s top-line revenue by 200% or more.

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