Norway PM would not hire someone wearing a niqab

Norway PM would not hire someone wearing a niqab

The Prime Minister (PM) of Norway has said she would not hire someone wearing a niqab, stating migrants should integrate to culture and customs in western societies.

Speaking ahead of an integration conference on Tuesday, the PM, Erna Solberg was asked whether she would hire someone wearing a niqab. She replied: “No. [They] would probably not get a job from me or many others if [they] were wearing a niqab. 

“We believe we should see each other’s faces in the workplace.”

The niqab is a face veil which leaves the eyes visible, and is worn with an accompanying headscarf.

Solberg said that the government would not restrict people from practicing their religion at work, but she said it was important for Norway to set boundaries – The Express reports.

“Niqab and burka is a very small problem in Norway, but there are some who wear it,” she explained.

“I experience it as a political statement from those who wear it, [who] wish to challenge the boundaries in Norwegian society. And so we must enforce some limits. 

“You can do what you want on your time off, but in the workplace it is a given we want to see each other's faces.”

During the conference, both Solberg and Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug said that migrants are expected to, and should, adjust to Norwegian ways.

“Here we eat pork, drink alcohol and show our face. One must abide by the values, laws, and regulations we have in Norway when one comes here,” Listhaug said.

Speaking to Dagbladet, Listhaug reiterated Solberg’s statement that employers would find it difficult to hire anyone wearing a niqab: “It is doubtful that employers would hire people they can’t see. You can’t work in a store with a covered face. I doubt customers would find it appealing.”

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