LinkedIn feature allows candidates to secretly look for a new job

LinkedIn feature allows candidates to secretly look for a new job

LinkedIn’s new feature will allow candidates to secretly look for a new job – without their employer finding out.

Its new feature, ‘Open Candidates’ will let LinkedIn members notify recruiters when they are open to a new position, with profiles being marked as ‘open to new opportunities.’

The feature will only be viewable by recruiters who use LinkedIn's Premium service, and will allow members to tailor their job searches to location, experience levels, industry and company size.

The addition will be available for its 450 million members and it comes almost four months after the Microsoft acquisition.

According to CNET, LinkedIn said Open Candidates has been in beta testing for several months and that 1 million people have already been using the feature. It's currently available in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

However, members are warned that the platform can’t promise that employers won’t know when they are job hunting, offering this disclaimer: "We take steps to not show your current company that you're open, but can't guarantee that we can identify every recruiter affiliated with your company."

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