How will a Brexit affect Premier League recruitment?

How will a Brexit affect Premier League recruitment?

Not even the money-laden Premier League is safe from the repercussions of the Brexit.

Players bought into the Premier League will soon have to meet stricter requirements to qualify for a work permit.  

Currently, players from outside the EU have to have played in 30% of their national teams matches for the past two years to qualify for a work permit – ITV News reports.

The required percentage of games rises the lower a team is ranked on the FIFA world rankings list.

Now, with the UK to become a non-EU country, incoming and outgoing players could have to meet criteria that was previously not a problem.

Greg Dyke, Chairman of the FA, says this could lead to more opportunities for home-grown talent.

"It would be a shame if some of the great European players can't come here but I don't think that will happen," he says.

"Whether the total number reduces will depend on the terms of the exit.

"My position personally has always been that the decline in the number of English players getting through the system into Premier League first team - we're down to about 30% now - is a shame.

"If it stops that it is to be welcomed. If it increases the number of English players, that is to be welcomed. But you don't want to lose the best European players coming here."

Footballing legend Gianfranco Zola, who played for Chelsea FC and managed West Ham FC and Watford FC, spoke to Goal about the effects of the Brexit on the Premier League.

“It is inevitable it will affect the football world," he said.

"It will be more difficult to come and play here for a lot of footballers and it could cause problems taking into account that clubs from other countries now may have a slight advantage.

"In any case, we are talking about something so important it will cause a shock in every world market, not just in England."

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