Rise of the 'job hoarder'

Rise of the 'job hoarder'

It’s a candidate led market out there – so much so that more and more applicants are choosing to accept multiple job offers to use them as a negotiating platform for higher salaries.

A recent report by CV-Library has found that almost half (49.8%) of candidates are ‘job hoarding’ in an attempt to secure the best job offer and salary, putting UK businesses in a difficult position.

The survey asked 3,000 candidates, of which 64% admitted that they would take a job offer even if they were unsure of the role, whilst continuing their job search.

80% of those asked claimed to have accepted more than one job offer for up to two weeks, whilst 77.2% believe it’s reasonable to accept more than one job offer at a time, in order to negotiate a better package.

Another 54.8% revealed what another company was offering when negotiating a job offer.

Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library, comments: “While it’s understandable that job hunters in today’s economic climate are keeping their options open and applying to multiple roles and companies, accepting more than one job offer puts businesses  in a very difficult position.”

Biggins concludes: “Organisations must be prepared for this behaviour and ready to highlight broader job benefits, such as flexible hours, staff bonuses and other workplace perks.

“We know that salaries are important, but we also know from previous research that candidates value company culture and job satisfaction, meaning companies should be ready to promote the wider holistic package in order to steer any counter offers and secure the best talent. By doing this, businesses can be armed and ready to win the talent war, without having to enter into salary battles.”

Comments (4)

  • Sir
    Mon, 18 Jul 2016 1:39pm BST
    Do you really want people like that in your organisation anyway ?
    If they lack any sort of integrity before they start what on earth will they be like when they have got their feet under the table ? - always manoeuvring and manipulating for best personal gain - erm, no thanks. Next !
  • Janet
    Tue, 21 Jun 2016 3:10pm BST

    We are seeing this happening in our sector - work based learning - potential staff are turning down our job offer with days to go before their start date, leaving us with a cohort of learners with no-one to look after them. It appears these potential staff have other opportunities which are likely to be paying better salaries than we can afford.

  • Stephen
    Tue, 21 Jun 2016 2:04pm BST
    Great article!

    The problem with this attitude is simple. The net result will be an escalation. If it becomes accepted practice for candidates to accept multiple job offers, then companies will have to react by hedging their bets when hiring for vacancies. We could quickly see a return to the days of jobs being offered to multiple candidates as a contingency, resulting in last minute withdrawals of job offers. Ultimately, the candidate community suffers, but in this instance, they will only have themselves to blame.
  • Mark
    Mon, 20 Jun 2016 4:57pm BST
    That is why companies should use a good experienced Interim, so that can search out and properly reference the right perm for the role. Its a better investment for the company.

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