The company that offers massages at work

The company that offers massages at work

Research shows 44% of work related ill-health stems from musculoskeletal disorders.

Worryingly, 80 percent of the UK will suffer from back pain and problems at least once in their lives, costing the UK economy over £14 billion in 2015 and causing over 15 million working days to be lost.

But one UK provider of commercial vehicles, Low Cost Vans, has introduced a way to relieve employees both physically and mentally.

The company, based in South Wales, is hiring massage therapists for staff to reduce their stress levels and muscular pain.

Rod Lloyd, Managing Director of Low Cost Vans, said: “At Low Cost Vans we pride ourselves on how we look after our staff, and bringing in the massage therapist is another way we can help them be healthy and happy employees. There are many things that they can do on their own to keep back pain to a minimum, such as walking around the office every so often and sitting properly at their desks, but this is our way of helping them as much as we can.

Holistic and Sports massage Therapist, Brian John Smith commented: “It is a pleasure to work with a company that takes a proactive ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach to their employee's health, which is certainly the case with Rod and the management team at Low Cost Vans.

“Many of the clients I treat at my Neath and Swansea clinics have long-term neck and shoulder issues which can lead to individuals having to take time off work. So Low Cost Vans’ constructive approach to addressing such issues by means of corporate massage sessions not only boosts staff wellbeing and morale, but it also makes sound business sense.”

 In addition to massage treaments, Low Cost Vans also offers staff two ‘duvet mornings’ a year. If the employee has no prior commitments that require their presence in the office, they can call in and take a morning off without notice.

 Also, staff working at the company for ten years can take a five week fully paid sabbatical at their choice.


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