Liar liar, CV on fire! Revealed: Who lies the most on their CVs

    Liar liar, CV on fire! Revealed: Who lies the most on their CVs

    Candidates are known to tell a few fibs during the recruitment process, with 70% of inaccuracies detected last year.

    According to research by Recruitment app, Job Today, over a third of Brits (38%) have told a CV lie at least once, and one in four (24%) admit to doing it regularly.  

    So who are the main culprits?

    The data found that men are more likely to tell CV fibs than women.

    Two-thirds of women (66%) say they have never lied on a CV because it’s ‘too risky’. However, 42% of men admit telling lies with over half showing no remorse or guilt (22%).

    The data also revealed that London employers receive the highest number of deceitful CVs, with 44% of Londoners admitting to lying on their CV.

    Further north, candidates in Yorkshire and Humber found 42% of CV fibbers.  However, 74% of Scots say they have never lied in their CV.

    Inaccuracies were most likely to be found in high-earning positions 33% lying about extra-curricular activities.

    The data goes to show that a paper CV just isn’t enough to accurately evaluate a candidate.

    In this digital age, more recruiters are moving away from the paper CV, instead turning to digital resumés.

    Read here about why one company has completely banned the CV. 

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