Job vacancies hit record high as candidates plummet

Job vacancies hit record high as candidates plummet

The number of advertised vacancies has risen to a post-recession high, according to figures released in Adzuna’s latest UK Job Market Report.

The statistics from November 2015 saw a 31.1% increase in job roles on last year’s figures, up to 1,244,772. This was also an increase from October when that figure was 1,229,131.

The figures are expected to be a reflection of the festive period, with seasonal and Christmas roles being responsible for the sudden boom at the end of the month.

The report also highlighted the increase in advertised monthly salaries, the first real increase in eight months. The average UK salary now stands at £33,112, up 0.2% from £33,043 in October.

The falling unemployment rate is also expected to have had an impact on November’s figures, with data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) levying the rate at 5.2% – the lowest recorded number since January 2006.

The ratio of jobseekers-to-vacancies has declined, reaching another post-recession low at 0.52 per role. Job competition has reduced by 71.2% since November 2014.

Doug Monro, Co-Founder of Adzuna, explains the results: “The past year has been a testing time for the UK jobs market. While overall falling unemployment and rising real wages have contributed to solid foundations for job hunters – there are still major cracks which can’t be easily repaired. Rising vacancies can be a sign of strength, but also a sign of imbalance.

Festive roles have boosted vacancy numbers, but this will only provide a short-term impetus. The skills shortage within the labour market, which has been constant throughout the year, has resulted in vacancies remaining unfilled for longer.

“The New Year will certainly bring new challenges for the jobs market. With the National Living Wage being implemented in April, employers will be forced to adjust and this might be at the expense of increasing staff numbers.

“As more and more employers are required to offer workplace pensions by law, there is additional pressure on bottom lines. The jobs market will hopefully prove its resilience and adapt to these new changes.”

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  • Lawrence
    Lawrence@ Anabelle
    Thu, 7 Jan 2016 11:47am GMT
    Anabelle, you are so right on this and the job market so wrong. There is still a massive amount of age discrimination around.
  • Anabelle
    Tue, 5 Jan 2016 11:06am GMT
    This is all true, unless you are over 50 of course.

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