Company boss jailed for lying on his CV

Company boss jailed for lying on his CV

A company boss is facing jail time after lying on his CV to gain employment.

A man from Belton pleaded guilty to three counts of VAT evasion, one count of making a false VAT return and one count of dishonestly making false representation to make gain, the Scunthorpe Telegraph reported.

Craig Taylor was accused by the prosecution of having submitted a “fraudulent CV” to a company, who later hired him as a Quantity Surveyor.

Craig Lowe, the Prosecutor who handled the case, told the court: “He lied about having a degree when he did not have one. He also lied about having a previous conviction."

The jury also heard that Taylor had previously been jailed for VAT fraud.

Andrew Bail, mitigating, said: “This is particularly foolish behaviour on the part of the defendant. He is genuinely sorry for this. He knows he has been a fool and a dishonest fool.”

The defendant founded Taylor Engineering Ltd, which he then used to make false claims for VAT refunds to HM Revenue and Customs to the value of £6,296.84 and £761.38.

Judge Mark Bury sentenced Taylor to one year in jail, saying: “You have enjoyed a distinguished Army career and you have made many friends because you have gone that extra mile for them.

“It makes it all the more perplexing when I have to sentence you for blatant dishonesty and exactly the same you committed previously.

“It beggars belief that you would go about your business as a quantity surveyor in the same way by submitting false claims for VAT refunds and getting over £7,000 and hoping to get another £11,000.

“You have obtained that money because you lied about your qualifications and you were able to gain lucrative contracts which enabled you to pay the money back.”

In addition to his jail sentence, Taylor was disqualified from being company director for six years. 

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Comments (2)

  • Kim
    Wed, 21 Oct 2015 3:07pm BST
    Where was the pre-screening process before his contract was agreed?
  • Mike
    Fri, 2 Oct 2015 12:53pm BST
    I think this says a lot more about the interview process of the company!

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