The 10 worst paid jobs in the UK

The 10 worst paid jobs in the UK

The worst paying jobs in the UK have been revealed.

With TUC findings last week revealing that one in five UK workers are paid less than the living wage, the statistics from ONS showed the careers with the lowest remuneration in the UK.

Waiters, waitresses and bar staff topped the table for bad wages with both careers earning under £13,000 a year, while hairdressers and barbers also may feel their pay isn’t cutting it at £13,373.

Childcare careers also came up short with playworkers and nursery nurses both making the list. And those with careers as launderers, dry cleaners and pressers also failed to clean up.

The top 10 worst paid jobs in the UK (average wage p.a.) were as follows:

  1. Waiters and Waitresses – £12,507
  2. Bar staff – £12,948
  3. Hairdressers and Barbers – £13,373
  4. Kitchen and catering assistants – £13,396
  5. Launderers,dry cleaners and pressers – £13,767
  6. Retail cashiers and check-out operators – £13,911
  7. Playworkers – £14,023
  8. Cleaners and Domestics – £14,164
  9. Nursery nurses and assistants – £14,305
  10. Other elementary services occupations – £14,575

Comments (4)

  • Pharmacy
    Tue, 3 Mar 2015 12:29pm GMT
    @ RTS - I specialise in placing Pharmacy staff in the NHS. Your partner is VERY underpaid. Please contact me. Thanks
  • RtS
    Tue, 3 Mar 2015 12:20pm GMT
    And my Wife - who is qualified and dispenses medication in the NHS - and could kill someone if she gets it wrong (!) - earns less than £10K a year. And we wonder why the NHS is in crisis? She would be better off working as a waitress.
  • Clogs
    Tue, 3 Mar 2015 6:55am GMT
    I recently earnt £11.5k as a teaching assistant and £5k as a (full-time) childminder before tgat. Oh, to earn £14k!
  • June
    Mon, 2 Mar 2015 12:52pm GMT
    I think classical musicians earn an average of £6k pa and suspect those in other performing arts such as dancers and actors on average earn @ £10k

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