The Changing World of Work

The Changing World of Work
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HR and Payroll professionals have a lot to contend with today.  Businesses expect them to handle the changing workforce more than ever before, technology evolving at a rapid speed and there is so much legislation to keep up to date.  Let’s take a look at some of the trends having a significant effect on HR professionals and organisations as a whole. Then you will see how NGA HR and our flagship product ResourceLink is helping organisations to survive and prosper in the evolving business world.

Data and Analytics

Analytics and reporting are vital to aid decision making.  From making day-to-day decisions about resourcing to options for restructuring or assessing the organisation’s ability to support new strategies, such information is vital but often unobtainable.  ResourceLink solves the problem by providing access to rich management information about a wide range of HR and payroll metrics.

Managing Talent

The ever evolving job market means attracting, recruiting and retaining quality staff is getting more and more important.  Employers must now create an employee brand to attract and retain talent.  Employees, especially from the younger generations are interested in much more than just pay.

Mobility and Flexibility

More and more of us now operate from a range of workplaces, whether that means hot desking within one building, working in different buildings or working from home.  Mobile technology allows people to do their job from just about anywhere, from conference calls in the car to emails on the train.  Being tied to a desk in one location for eight hours a day is becoming a thing of the past and businesses need to adapt their technology and working practices to reflect this.

A different blend of ages, roles and skills

The Future of Work, published by the Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), found that four-generation or ‘4G’ workplaces will become increasingly common as people delay retiring until their 70s or even their 80s.

Cloud Technology

In a traditional environment, software is deployed on a dedicated server that needs to be purchased, configured and deployed by the customer.  In a cloud environment, ResourceLink is deployed and maintained by the provider ‘as-a-Service’ on their own infrastructure.

How NGA HR can help

ResourceLink is both a powerful and scalable HR and Payroll platform.  Available via a range of deployment options including on-premise, via the NGA Cloud or as a fully outsourced service.  ResourceLink is scalable for organisations with five hundred to hundreds of thousands of employees and available across all industry sectors.

ResourceLink is helping organisations reduce their costs, save time and improve effectiveness.  It enables you to manage the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to staff development and succession planning and done with a modern and familiar user experience and powerful reporting capability.

The business environment today is complex.  But with ResourceLink we can help you evolve the people side of your business for a prosperous future.

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