1 in 4 CVs shown to have inaccuracies

A rise in sub-standard or bogus degrees listed on candidates' CVs has boosted the need to verify professional qualifications.

According to a new report from pre-employment screening company, First Advantage, 27.2% of all of verification checks on CVs between January 2011 and June 2014 uncovered inaccuracies.

32% of these inaccuracies are considered “major” discrepancies - meaning they raise significant cause for concern for an employer.

The highest level of inaccuracies was found in candidates’ education history.

More than a third (35.2%) of education checks uncovered a discrepancy relating to when, what and where a candidate studied, of which two thirds were considered “major” discrepancies.

Almost a quarter (23.9%) of all professional checks relating to qualifications, licenses and memberships revealed inaccuracies, while one-in-four checks uncovered inaccuracies in a candidates’ employment history.

Traci Canning, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of First Advantage in EMEA, says: “Many of the discrepancies we’ve found relate to dates of employment, education and professional achievements, and raise concerns about candidates stretching periods of employment and training to cover periods of inactivity or unsuccessful employment.

“Precisely why candidates’ education and academic qualifications contain the most inaccuracies is unknown and the subject of much debate. It could be that some candidates assume less attention will be paid to their school, college or university achievements than their employment history and professional qualifications, particularly when they have advanced in their careers.”

She added that it is therefore important for employers to verify potential employees’ education and academic qualifications, which almost always underpin any further education and employment experience.

“Honesty really is the best policy - candidates would be better served by accurately stating their skills and experience because any accuracies will be uncovered during the screening process.”

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  • Sean Durrant
    Sean Durrant
    Thu, 18 Sep 2014 2:16pm BST
    One of the key reasons why a thorough interview needs to take place.

    Sean Durrant

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