Students choosing entry-level roles to avoid university debts

Students choosing entry-level roles to avoid university debts

Students are being tempted away from university education to take on entry-level role, due to the high fees and lengthy loans faced.

That’s the view of Marc Zao-Sanders, Managing Director of who told HR Grapevine that advice and support is vital for students approaching university age in order for them to make the right decision for them.  

He said:  “With more options available, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that students of all abilities and backgrounds have access to support and advice, to understand the breadth of options available and to decide which the best route is for them.”

Companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the National Grid are offering attractive opportunities for entry-level candidates who are leaning away from the high cost university pathway.

Zao-Sanders said:  “The introduction of £9,000 tuition fees has indeed changed today’s education landscape, raising questions amongst school leavers on the value and feasibility of going to university. As such, many students are considering other options such as apprenticeships or going straight to entry-level roles, so the increasing number of alternative career routes is encouraging.”

Gaenor Bagley of PwC said: “Whilst the majority of our student intake join us as graduates, an ever increasing number are joining straight from school.”

Zao-Sanders said: “As a result of the hike in tuition fees, it’s great that some of the UK’s biggest employers are now considering non-graduate candidates for roles – opening up possibilities for school leavers of all backgrounds to learn new skills and develop their careers and, overall, should make for a richer and more diversely talented UK workforce in the future.”

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