One in five new hires leave within 45 days

One in five new hires leave within 45 days

New hires not finding the same emotional connection to their new job and co-workers that they had in their previous roles accounts for 20% of recruits leaving within two months, says Neal Bruce, Director of Product Strategy at Lumesse.

According to the Wynhurst Group, as many as one in five employees leave their new job within the first 45 days.

“Businesses need to address all elements that help new recruits emotionally engage with their job; forging friendships, learning the company culture and how to feel productive in it,” Bruce said.

“By using mobile, social and collaborative technologies to complement an employee’s on-boarding experience, businesses can help employees establish connections in the company and become assimilated into the culture from the moment that they start.”

Although Bruce stressed the importance of companies investing in their people, he stated that identifying high potential and high performing employees is the most important strategy for mitigating the risks of investing in people.

“High potential and high performing employees are the ‘people IP’ that the business is built on – they are the ones that often handle the largest workloads and managers trust them to get it done, quickly and to a high standard,” he said.

“However, not all high performers are high potential.  As recent research from advisory company CEB illustrates, promoting a high performer without knowing whether they can also perform at the next level is one of the most common and costly mistakes that a business can make.

“Senior business leaders need to work with managers to detail and communicate what constitutes excellence in key roles to help them identify high performers and potentials and put a framework in that will help grow this type of employee within the business.”

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