British workers lured away by just 5.3% pay rise

British workers could be lured away from their current employer with a pay rise of just 5.3% a new global study has found.

This amounts to just £1,722 when compared to the average UK wage of £26,500. This is in stark contrast to growing economies where a much larger rise in pay would be required to buy a worker’s loyalty.

According to the figures from CEB workers in Indonesia would need to see their pay beaten by 20.6% while workers in Brazil would need to see a 20.1% raise.

Neil Pickering, Director at Kronos says: “The fact that British workers can be lured away for just a 5.3% pay rise emphasises the pressing need to re-engage the UK workforce. Over recent years the drive to keep costs low means workers have be treated as an expensive overhead, reduced or stretched to meet changing priorities. So it’s no surprise that British workers would walk away from their current roles easier than their European counterparts”

Pickering recommends companies look at other ways to increase engagement and loyalty from staff.

“Simple steps like listening to employee’s needs and providing employees with greater control and flexibility in the hours and dates that they work can limit levels of unhappiness in the workplace, create a positive working environment and ensure staff are less likely to jump ship.”

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  • Marina Law
    Marina Law
    Tue, 3 Jun 2014 3:29pm BST
    You are assuming that salary is the only factor that is important in moving jobs!
    Consider instead the impact that training, team structure, location, working hours, environment and brand amongst other things on a decision to move. Whilst an uplift in salary is very important, it would also be very short sighted to assume it is the only criteria.

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