One in eight Brits nod off during work

One in eight Brits nod off during work

One in eight British workers has admitted to nodding off during work presentations with almost half (44%) saying they have seen someone else drifting off according to new research.

The new research by electronics manufacturer, Sharp, found that one in ten UK workers have been so bored during a meeting that they have lied and invented a reason to leave.

The reason for workers having little patience and stamina to sit through presentations at work were found to be because they were simply uninspired by them and 61% of them feel they go on too long and get bored by the speaker.

As well as feeling unstimulated by presentations, the reason for workers actually falling asleep is because they have no input, with 21% saying they have wanted to say something but aren’t given the chance and 34% daydreaming about something completely different because they are so impassive.

Meetings in UK offices account for around 40million working hours per week, with 7.5million of them deemed a waste of time.

Image courtesy of Flickr user gino.mempin

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