Optimum health is a journey not just a single step

Optimum health is a journey not just a single step
Promoted by Optimum health is a journey not just a single step

Anyone closely connected with the health and wellbeing market will have observed a shift from the traditional healthcare model to a patient-centric one in which the individual is proactively involved in their own healthcare. This change is due to many factors, not least the improved health literacy of the population and the increasing importance and utilisation of technology. As a company we have long recognised the benefit of proactive, as well as reactive, healthcare for progress towards better health and wellbeing.  Healthcare doesn’t just begin with the successful treatment of illness or injury. Health, in our view, has always been a journey towards optimising wellness.  

That’s why we recently made ground-breaking changes to our Health Assessment portfolio by integrating our online health and lifestyle tool, Nuffield HealthScore™. This integration turns a single health assessment into an ongoing process.

Our Health Assessments have always been a core part of our suite of corporate wellbeing solutions. A tiered portfolio, from the contemporary Lifestyle Health Assessment to the robust 360+ Health Assessment, all our health assessments are engineered to cater for the fact that every organisation, and its work force, is different.

Preventative healthcare and the early detection of disease are crucial for the minimisation of absence and long-term illness or injury.  Our Health Assessments allow an individual to fully map their current wellbeing and address any health issues they currently have or that may arise in the future.

However, preventative healthcare crucially requires the commitment of the individual in order to move towards a successful outcome. Setting goals to improve overall health and wellbeing can often mean significant lifestyle changes. Nuffield HealthScore™ acts as a ‘health mentor’ that you can carry around with you. The results and recommendations of the initial Health Assessment are fed into the tool and in-turn it creates a programme of tips and advice including the right level of support and the vital motivation to keep the individual on track.

For the individual this represents a ‘with you for the journey’ approach to healthcare in which they are supported to make positive changes to their health and lifestyle. For an organisation this can mean a significant return on investment due to reduced absence levels and improved productivity within the workforce. What’s more, HealthScore is a remote option for those employees that may not be confident enough for face-to-face appointments. It also acts as an e-health platform where resourcing costs may be an issue for large organisations. The result is that we are there to support the whole journey towards optimum wellness for the individual and their employer.

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