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The ability to identify, attract, deploy and retain talent is what will differentiate high performing from low performing organisations.  Highly engaged employees are more productive than employees who are disengaged.  Organisations with highly engaged employees are more profitable and deliver more shareholder value.  It is the quality of managers that determines that level of engagement.  CMI/ Penna research suggests that 43% of employees rate their manager ineffective or highly ineffective.

Research carried out on behalf of Pearson plc in November last year revealed that most organisations deliver some form of management and leadership development. However, most organisations fail to measure its effectiveness, are unable to establish a return on investment and there is a suspicion that those in most need of development are most likely not to participate!  What we all know is that the competencies that make great doctors, research chemists, investment bankers, retailers and the like are not the same competencies that make great managers.

In the June issue of the Harvard Business Review, Marcus Buckingham highlights that typical leadership development programmes are still formulaic; a one size fits all approach. Elsewhere in consumer goods we increasingly expect personalised content, for example motor manufacturers are at the forefront of mass customisation.  You can select from hundreds of accessories in order to have your personalised BMW built to your requirements. No two models of a car need be alike.

10Eighty in collaboration with the Pearson Academy of Leadership & Management are bringing mass customisation to leadership development. Traditional leadership development has been classroom based.  The development of the Leadership Cloud allows organisations to tailor the delivery to individual needs.  Using psychometrics to give participants an insight into their leadership strengths and development needs, the Leadership Cloud contains tailored content in a virtual classroom.

Participants are assigned to Think Tanks or Action Learning Sets tackling real business problems, carrying out feasibility studies to determine future business strategy.  Participants are supported by mentors from the senior management cadre.  The Leadership Cloud allows dialogue between participants and mentors. 10Eighty moderates discussions, giving access to specialised resources such as the Pearson’s Academy of Leadership and Management which itself has access to the Financial Times, Edexcel, Penguin, TalentLens and Pearson Higher Education (US and UK).

Masterclasses can be delivered in a traditional classroom setting, whereas the Leadership Cloud allows the flipped classroom approach enabling masterclasses to be delivered and discussions to be facilitated online.  Talking Heads and Skill Pill modules are delivered across the Leadership Cloud. Such discussions are no longer restricted to business hours; the Leadership Cloud is on line 24/7. Participants can gain access at a time which suits them and the business.  It is no longer necessary to take managers away from the place of work.  The Think Tank and Action Learning Sets approach embeds the learning into the workplace.

The Work Foundation calculates that by increasing employee engagement by ten per cent you add £1,500 per employee on bottom line profitability.  10Eighty and Pearson plc believe that the Leadership Cloud and its ability to deliver personalised development for managers will significantly increase levels of employees’ engagement thereby improving business profitability. 

To find out more about the Leadership Cloud, contact Michael Moran at 10Eighty or Chris Locke at Pearson Academy of Leadership & Management.

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