The times they are a-changing

Promoted by The times they are a-changing

If that was true in the 60’s, it certainly is now.  And companies have to respond to regulatory, economic and political changes, combined with fast changing consumer trends.

How companies respond to change will play a crucial part in their ability to adapt and survive.

Organisation design is a becoming an increasingly important part of business’ strategic planning.  In part this can be attributed to the “commercialisation” of HR, that is to say the trend for HR departments to be active participants in the management of a business rather than a reactive administrative function.

A lot of major multinationals have been quietly, but noticeably increasing their OD teams and capabilities. The goal is to ensure that change is handled more effectively and that companies are in the best physical shape to react to threats and opportunities.

The consultancies both big and small have noticed this and are increasing their capability too. At Frazer Jones we are creating a dedicated OD practice to better help clients and candidates.

Over the next 12 months we anticipate that OD will continue to grow in importance and to develop its identity and influence within the corporate structure.


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