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Building An Effective Onboarding Strategy
With ever increasing burdens placed on organisations to retain top talent combined with the continuing desire to drive optimal operating efficiency, the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours to become effective employees has never been so more ›
'Onboarding dramatically influences performance' says Cornerstone SVP
Q&A: The importance of onboarding Vincent Belliveau, SVP & General Manager EMEA, Cornerstone OnDemand talks to Recruitment Grapevine about the importance of onboarding ahead of the launch of Cornerstone Onboarding in more ›
The City jobs market grew further in February 2013, with a three per cent rise in new job numbers, according to recruitment firm Astbury more ›
WPP have reported better-than-expected full year results with a three and a half per cent increase in revenues and will now target a headcount more ›
Nine out of ten UK companies are taking a reactive approach to recruitment by relying too on traditional interviews, without utilising assessment tools, according to new more ›
Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will create 1,100 new jobs at its manufacturing facility in Castle more ›
The percentage of UK businesses recruiting has increased by four per cent since April, rising from 45% to 49%, according to a new more ›
Baskin-Robbins is planning to open 80 franchises of ice cream shops in the UK, potentially creating up to 400 new job more ›
Yahoo in recruitment storm over chief executive’s CV
Yahoo Inc is investigating claims by one of its shareholders that its chief executive Scott Thompson “embellished his academic credentials” on his more ›
There has been an increase in hiring across the temporary employment market in the UK despite current economic conditions, a new report more ›
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Compensation & Benefits
Childcare Vouchers are a long-established employee benefit available to help make childcare more affordable for working more ›
Employee Relations
Co-op store policy change music to staffs' ears
The ‘Co-operative’ supermarket has been forced to change its music policy, following staff more ›
HR Management
Staff throw greatest retirement party of all time for outgoing CEO
While it may not be the done thing to say so, when leaving a job, it’s nice to know that you’ll be more ›
Compensation & Benefits
Happy staff makes for bigger profits
Content and fulfilled employees produce higher profits for an organisation than those who are less happy and who have less perks provided for more ›
Compensation & Benefits
'Disconnect' with hiring managers harms public sector recruitment
Hiring managers are now luring in the best fresh talent to the public sector by offering various rewards other than pay packages which aren’t as tempting as believed, according to Kate Kavanagh, manager of the Public Sector Team at more ›
Recruitment Campaigns
Overseas-only recruitment faces ban
The Government has proposed legislation that will ban recruitment agencies from exclusively advertising abroad for UK more ›
HR Management
NHS boss orders staff to lose weight
NHS employees have been told they need to set a better example to patients when it comes to their weight and are being strongly encouraged to switch to a healthier more ›
What do experts look for when they recruit?
  Recruiters make a living by finding the right hires for other companies, but what do they look for when recruiting for themselves? With more people wishing to change jobs, combined with employers creating new opportunities, Alistair Cox, CEO of recruitment experts, Hays, believes that the interview is now more critical than more ›
Employee Relations
Microsoft CEO's could learn from Bill Gates after 3,000 word memo
Earlier this month Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent a memo to the software giant’s 120,000+ staff outlining the company’s vision for the more ›
Employee Relations
Commonwealth Games staff complain over lack of water, shade and sunscreen
Commonwealth Games stewards have condemned bosses for failing to provide them with water, shade and sunscreen in the sweltering more ›