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The European Aerospace and Defence Group (EADS) has been recognised for its popularity and quality of employee-relations with several awards throughout Europe this week... read more ›
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Marilyn Monroe inspires unusual perks for media company
A media company who really love Marilyn Monroe have combined their passion for the ill-fated Hollywood actress with a desire to inspire and motivate staff by providing unusual perks including frequent Marilyn Monroe Days... read more ›
Should you hire someone you know?
If you are planning to expand your team it can be very tempting to hire someone you already know - networks are a vital part of recruitment so why not hire a friend or relative? You already feel as though you know a lot about this person... read more ›
EMEA Talent Sourcers best for Twitter and Youtube recruitment but behind Asia-Pacific overall online
Talent acquisition and management firm Alexander Mann Solutions has published its first ever Global Sourcing Survey, which looks at how recruiters from around the world are utilizing online and social resources to find qualified and interested candidates... read more ›
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Who cares, wins: Ethical managers see higher performance from staff
The old cliché that nice guys finish last is actually false according to new research, which found that managers judged to have better ethics actually perform better... read more ›
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59% of bosses still consider candidates with CV lies
Whether it’s over-exaggerating one’s skills or the job title of a previous role, many have been tempted to tell the odd ‘little white lie’ on their CV before now... read more ›
Staff pulling sickies due to inflexible workplaces
More than two in five UK workers have pulled a sickie on a day when they would have simply come in later, had their company allowed it... read more ›
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Productivity in the workplace boosted by music
Pop music has been the recognised as the best genre for creative meetings as well as management meetings, target updates and employee reviews... read more ›
Employers and young people have damaging disconnect in recruitment, Wozedu research finds
Employers and young people are failing to understand each other in the early stages of the job search process according to new research... read more ›
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Mad Hatter used to thank supportive colleagues
An employee who wanted to develop herself further has thanked her colleagues for their support in a very ‘Mad’ way... read more ›
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HBO to dismiss 7% of its workforce
Cutbacks at Time Warner are set to extend to tarnish its media corporation crown jewel as HBO will lay off 150 workers starting this week... read more ›