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Concern for digital skills shortage exacerbated by A-level results
Record numbers of UK university places have been offered this year despite A-level results showing a marginal fall in top grades for the fifth successive year... read more ›
The top 100 employers for school leavers
AllAboutSchoolLeavers has announced the winners of the Top 100 Employers for School & College Leavers Awards 2016-17... read more ›
Five minutes with: Julie Digby, VP People and Organisation at Mars
Julie Digby discusses why the best investment is one made in people... read more ›
Five minutes with: Mike Thompson, Head of Apprenticeships at Barclays
Mike Thompson talks about the challenges of taking on apprentices… read more ›
Graduate recruitment at Network Rail: 'Fishing in a finite pool of talent'
With a 'demographic time bomb' potentially creating a future skills shortage, Executive Grapevine spoke to Network Rail about the challenges they face when recruiting graduates or apprenticeships... read more ›
Top employers for apprentices revealed
In this year’s Budget, George Osborne promised to introduce an apprentice levy on all firms... read more ›
Apprenticeship hiring could be boosted by Ucas application points system
Finding an apprenticeship could be simplified if a Ucas-style admissions system is implemented, according to a new report... read more ›
George Osborne's apprentice pledge will fail 'if small IT businesses don't get involved'
The Government’s pledge to create three million apprenticeships is at risk of failing unless small IT businesses get involved more, an expert warns... read more ›
Barclays Director of Early Careers: 'Diversity and personality are key'
Last month, EY made the decision to remove academic qualifications from its application process for the 2016 programmes... read more ›
UK has too many over-qualified graduates
There are too many over-qualified graduates in the UK... read more ›
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Femgineer CEO: 'Be the token in the Boardroom, and be proud of it'
Engineering has some of the lowest percentages of women working within the sector...
How to ease women back to work following maternity leave
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Brexit: Big freeze, big change or big nothing?
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Lloyds CEO apologises to 75,000 workforce following affair allegations
The Chief Executive of Lloyds Banking Group has finally broken his silence after allegations surrounding his private life called into question his long-term commitment to his current role...