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EE CEO: How to get the most out of apprentices
“In order to get the most out of apprenticeships, businesses need to get involved in proactively shaping them" read more ›
Best countries for talent revealed
The best countries when it comes to investing, appealing and being ready for business talent have been revealed... read more ›
UK's last barrel maker seeks apprentice
The last UK Master Cooper, a professional who makes barrels and casks, is looking for an apprentice as he attempts to halt the death of his trade... read more ›
Top tips for creating an apprenticeship scheme
  National Apprenticeship Week is back next Monday and with the schemes growing evermore important for many British businesses, the Forum of Private Business has shared top tips for those considering a scheme... read more ›
National Apprenticeship Week: A fifth of under-18s believe apprenticeships are unpaid
Almost a fifth (18%) of under 18-year-olds believe that apprenticeships are unpaid work while six in 10  believe it will be difficult to find work when they leave school... read more ›
National Apprenticeship Week: London Councils' project boosts apprenticeships
A project to tackle London’s youth unemployment has seen employers commit to create more than 600 apprenticeship opportunities in less than a year, it has been announced... read more ›
National Apprenticeship Week: Aon launch new scheme
Aon has teamed up with insurance partners to launch an apprenticeship programme... read more ›
“Apprentices are better informed than their managers”
Apprentices can be better informed than their managers... read more ›
Swordsmith offers rare apprenticeship opportunity
Macdonald Armouries which reproduces weapons for collectors, museums, theatre companies and historical fencers is advertising a unique opportunity as it begins the search for two new swordsmith apprentices... read more ›
Asda ramps up its graduate programme
  Asda is looking for graduates to join its graduate programme... read more ›
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