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Availability of permanent candidates falls at sharpest rate in 16 years
The availability of permanent candidates has fallen at the sharpest rate since November 1997, despite the number of job openings continuing to more ›
The majority (78%) of UK CFOs say that it is challenging to find skilled financial professionals, with organisations paying more for the market’s brightest and best more ›
Half of accountants have admitted that an increase in working hours has had a detrimental effect on their health, research more ›
Olympus to cut 2,700 jobs as it goes “back to basics”
The Japanese camera maker has announced restructuring plans which will result in 2,700 job cuts more ›
London vacancies have trebled, drawing in overseas workers as the City is considered the most ideal place to work by finance more ›
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Mary Beard offers job reference to Twitter troll
Cambridge Classics Professor, Mary Beard has offered an olive branch to one of her Twitter trolls, by taking the unusual step of offering him a job more ›
HR Management
Typewriter sounds used to motivate The Times journalists
In attempt to increase energy levels and help reporters hit deadlines The Times has started playing typewriter sounds in the more ›
The challenges of F1 recruiting
Fast cars, global travel, iconic sporting venues, nail biting competition and the thrill of victory – who wouldn't want the opportunity to work as a Formula One engineer?  If you're not an avid fan of the sport, then it’s often easy to overlook the individual elements, processes and most importantly the people, it takes to build a successful race more ›
Top UK jobs are held by 'cosy club' elitists
Top roles within the UK’s key institutions are dominated by those who have been privately educated and as such, do not represent the public they serve; that’s according to the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission more ›
Employment Law & Risk
HR Manager sued for £50,000 by hotel boss
A Kensington hotel boss is suing the HR manager of The Westbury Hotel for up to £50,000 over claims the executive branded him a “fraudster” more ›
HR Management
Flexible working gives businesses “significant competitive edge”
Business owners and senior managers increasingly believe that offering flexible working options to staff is an effective method of improving business more ›
Number of nurses from EU on rise
The amount of nurses from Europe being employed by the NHS is soaring, according to new more ›
HR Management
Rupert Murdoch's 'feudal' management blamed for CEO rift
A former CEO of News Corp has blamed the multinational mass media corporation’s ‘outdated management systems’ for forcing him out of the more ›
Employee Relations
Workers happier with robot bosses
Employees are more likely to prefer taking orders from robots rather than their colleagues, according to research just more ›
HR Management
Females falter in confidence unless fully qualified
Females are less likely to apply for jobs, promotions or challenging projects if they don’t feel they are fully qualified, but what can be done to solve this? Hewlett Packard discovered that women would only apply for a promotion if they were 100% qualified for the job – while men would apply if they only had 60% of the job more ›