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Today’s budget announcements by the Chancellor reveal that 2p will be cut from corporation tax, giving Britain a lower rate than both France and Germany... read more ›
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'Board not to blame' for lack of women in executive positions, says Royal Mail's CEO Moya Greene
Boards cannot be blamed for the lack of women CEOs and executive teams need to take more responsibility for making sure there are credible female candidates in the pipeline... read more ›
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Switzerland tops the league tables in HSBC's seventh Expat Explorer survey
Switzerland is ranked as the number one country by expats, in regards to quality of life, financial wellbeing and the ease of raising a family abroad, according a new survey... read more ›
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The future of HR is
"The future of HR is no HR," according to Mike Ettling, President, HR line of business at SuccessFactors and SAP... read more ›
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Pop music productivity boost to employers' ears
It will be music to the ears of millions of people across the globe to hear that listening to our favourite tunes at work can dramatically improve efficiency... read more ›
Freezing eggs is 'cynical' and a bonus too far says, executive search firm
Paying for women employees to freeze their eggs is a “cynical” way for companies to “exert greater control over their female staff members”, according to a senior search consultant... read more ›
Microsoft CEO gets $84m pay package
The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, has been given a pay package worth $84... read more ›
Half of women consider not having children due to career risk
Half of working women are so concerned by the risk having a baby would pose on their career they would consider remaining childless... read more ›
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If you’re stuck in some aspect of your life, either at work or at home, there is a crucial conversation you are not holding or not holding well... read more ›
'Paycation' benefits battle amongst companies to ensure refreshed new staff
A San Francisco-based commercial property start-up has become the latest to offer a new holiday perk by paying for incoming employees to go on a two week holiday before starting their role... read more ›
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Small businesses are reluctant to employ
Half of all small businesses are not hiring new employees at present, according to the results of an SME focussed survey... read more ›