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Talent Strategy Playbook: Great resources to improve your talent management strategy
Research tells us that strategic talent practices are strongly tied to improved corporate performance... read more ›
Group coaching an essential part of talent management?
In many organisations – facing staff retention problems, skills shortages and finite budgets – group coaching is now being seen as a more viable option than one-to-one coaching... read more ›
Is it time to ditch the yearly appraisal? Three tips for real-time feedback
A trend is beginning emerging among larger companies where the annual staff appraisal is being dumped in favour of continuous performance management... read more ›
Rosetta Stone - HR templates to download: talent mapping
  To help organisations be successful and create competitive advantage, HR must reveal the blind spots that block workforce global readiness... read more ›
NEW White Paper! How to select a talent management system: Secrets from the experts
Picture this — the time has come for your organisation to choose a new talent management system... read more ›
Five minutes with: Diane Holman, SVP, Head of Group Talent Management, at Capgemini
Diane Holman, SVP, Head of Group Talent Management, at Capgemini discusses the benefits of having a broader business mind-set... read more ›
Five minutes: Standard Life's new Head of Talent Management
Paul Cowan, Head of Talent Management at Standard Life, discusses his ambitions for the company... read more ›
Live Q&A with Harvard Business School Prof. Robert S. Kaplan
Not convinced language and culture impacts your organisation? 90% of your lines of business leaders think differently. read more ›
Standard Life hire Head of Talent Management
Standard Life have hired a new Head of Talent Management... read more ›
HR Grapevine 2015 Speakers - Piers Hollier, Senior Director - Talent Management, Brambles
Piers Hollier, Senior Director - Talent Management, Brambles, will be speaking at this year’s HR Can Change the World conference... read more ›