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250,000 more over 65s staying in work since default retirement age scrapped
250,000 more over 65s stay in work since retirement age scrapped read more ›
The CIPD believes that today’s abolition of the Default Retirement Age (DRA) should lead to a change of opinion on flexible working provisions... read more ›
UK workers are welcoming the phasing out of the Default Retirement Age (DRA) with open arms... read more ›
Age UK are calling on the Coalition Government to follow through on their pledge to “phase out” the Default Retirement Age (DRA)... read more ›
Over two thirds (68%) of the country’s workforce plan to work past their standard retirement age... read more ›
European workers would prefer to receive less income than retire later, according to new research... read more ›
The Institute of Directors (IoD) have called for the retirement age to be raised to 70, as part of a proposed reform for both the state and private retirement systems... read more ›
The campaign against forced retirement ages received a boost recently when an important tribunal decision was reversed... read more ›
The new reality – Ongoing economic activity in retirement
Retirement - such an old fashioned word, with little meaning in today’s world... read more ›
The Advocate General has ruled in favour of UK retirement regulations, deciding that they do not contravene EU anti-discrimination law... read more ›